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Hi, my name is Bridget Sharkey.

I am an experienced ghostwriter, primarily producing content for a renowned sex/relationship therapist. In this capacity, I have written 7 books, including a New York Times bestseller.


I am also a freelance writer covering topics such as news, lifestyle, and more.

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I have been writing professionally since I was 19 years old. After seeing my opinions column in our college newspaper, a publisher hired me to write a guidebook for our university. It was surprisingly not a bestseller, but 4 years later, I wrote an NYT bestselling book as a ghostwriter. After proving myself as a ghostwriter and copywriter, I also branched out to freelance writing.

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I create compelling, clickworthy content for clients who are sick of stale copy and meaningless verb-noun gumbo.

No filler here: Just authentic messaging that honors you and your mission.

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We all have a story that needs telling, but we don't all know how to write that story.

I have written bestselling books for my renowned clients, as well as newspaper articles, magazine articles, and digital content.

I am a shape-shifter who brings soul to the page...your soul, because it's your story, not mine. 

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Freelance Writing

My writing can be widely found online on news sites, lifestyle sites, and more.


I light up when I get to write trending content where I can let my professional hair down and be witty and playful. But I also love to tackle more serious topics that leave a lasting impact on my readers.

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Madison, Wisconsin 


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